Recovering Addict

“I am Kulanthaisamy...a recuperating intoxicating addict. I am on the track to drink in surplus and exertion in belatedly nights. This show the way me in to a number of psychiatric troubles, I misplaced my profession. In home I drank profoundly and my mother warned me about my consumption. And as a final point it makes me a chronic psychiatric juncture. At that stage my circumstance become worst and my mother disclose me in "peace rehabilitation centre". I cultured regarding the coping skills day by day with the help of higher-ranking Psychiatric Consultants, Psychiatric Counselors and Clinical Psychologists for my recovery and at the time of unsympathetic circumstances. Now I am temperate for more than 6 years... And I am pleased and satisfied with my vocational service.

Thankfulness to the peace de-addiction center - Kulandhaisamy



“I am Kalyan.

I am now sober for more than  years. My parents are happy with my progress and i am also happy for my ability to help my son in certain areas.My relationship with my sisters and brother is improved well. Now i am happy with what i am doing now, with contentment and a peace of mind. Thanks to the peace deaddiction centre and to Mr.saravanan sir.


Travel Incharge

I'm Muthukumar addicted for various drugs like Ganja, Pills, and Alcohol before the year of 2010. In that era my family unit suffers lot more than ever my wife and my son. So she had taken the first step of my recovery all the way through Peace center at the year of 2010 from the month of October 12th.

After taking detoxification my counselors and companionship associate that is my sentinel’s   valuable attempt on my convalescence now I am execution further than 6 years.

Express gratitude to Peace & Saravanan Sir, I am always gratifying to you.  - Muthukumar


Centering Contactor

Saravanan Alcoholic,

My revival corridor initiates beginning at the peace center, lacking of my assistance my wife divulge me in that consign. Primarily I am not paying attention in the action for the reason that of my longing for alcohol. Subsequently day by day I can distinguish and comprehend my family circumstances and aloneness with facilitate of peace rescue experts. They channel me appropriately and aid me for till date, so my clear-headed existence augmentation came to 6 years and 4 months on this day 26/11/2016.

express gratitude to you all PEACE Squads  - Saravanan    

Somasundharam (Gopal)

Recovering Addict

"This place is truly amazing. You have helped me in so many ways and I am very grateful for that. Having clients and staff from around the world makes this place unique, along with being located in a beautiful setting assuring peace of mind during the recovery process."

V. Selvamuthupandian

Civil Engineer

"This has been one of the most worthwhile experiences in my life so far. I will definitely return for a refresher week, take up the aftercare counseling option and grab my life with both hands going forward armed with the “tools” PEACE has provided."


Textile owner

"I would not hesitate to recommend PEACE as a 1st class treatment centre in every respect (especially with reference to the counseling). The staff (at all levels) is amazing, brilliant, fantastic….congratulations on a successful team.

Daily program, accommodation, food, fitness facilities together contributed to my having a very positive experience. Thank you"

R. Jegadeshkumar

Software Engineer

"Having tried another rehab 2 years ago and relapsing after a year, I thought I would never win my battle with alcohol. However, after 90 days at PEACE, the team, my one-on-one therapy with Saravanan, I am leaving full of confidence, awareness, and all the tools to overcome my addiction. A MASSIVE THANK YOU"


Head ConsitableTamilnadu Police

"PEACE was a fantastic personal learning experience providing me great insight into my condition and strategies to cope without alcohol. Counselors are enthusiastic and dedicated."


Broiler Chicken Exporter

"PEACE truly has been a life-altering experience for me I’m in the 4th year of recovery now. Not only were my 1:1 meetings of great benefit, but also the interactions that took place during group meetings were essential to my recovery. All of this hard emotional work was softened by good food, wonderful massages and a relaxed, natural atmosphere. I can’t thank PEACE enough."



"This has been a wonderful experience. From the facility, to the food, to the staff, everything has been excellent and far exceeds my expectations…Both outings were good – Especially PEACE cooking. Wish I had more shopping time, but I understand the reason for the limitations. Grounds are well kept."

V. Prabhu

Mechanical Engineer

"I had a life changing experience. I am grateful for your guidance. My tough life becomes smooth, another chance to my life with peace by PEACE."


Parota Master

"The best rehab that I have ever been, the clients are serious about their work, which helps me in the recovering treatment."


Multi Cuisine Chef

"It was a Great Life Time Experience in Reincarnating into a Human Soul... Never Dreamt of Such a Transformation.. Always Grateful to Peace and its Crew"..



"I was an Hopeless, Aimless Adolescent, with no proper Ambition in life... I was entirely fond and drowned in drugs.. I Thank PEACE for Making me a Dignified Person!!!"

Harry Eltham

Recovering Addict/Peer Counselor

"Many People Around me once started to Educate me on "Substance Abuse"... But now "Peace" has given me an Oppurtunity to Educate Fellow Addicts... A long Term Dream come True...!!!"



Its been almost 7 Years of Recovering Life... Honestly speaking I am an "Illiterate". But However, " PEACE "  saved me from one of the biggest Disasters. It was a Great Honour in being Felicitated by Mr.Suresh, The Superindent Of Police, NCB.



Recovery was my Ultimate Aim... Eventhough am Physically Challenged, i never lost Hope in myself. Along with my Perseverance and PEACE'S Affection, This would have not been Possible.


Properitor Jewellery Shop

I have just turned 20, but my Vision is much more than anything Mysterious in this World... My Family Abandoned me... But now they are Longing for me.. This is PEACE'S RECOVERY FORMULA. Thank you so much.

Salem Rajasekar

Textile Business

"Proud to be on my 9th Year Soberity Journey despite of several Hardships... Alcoholism Once Ruled me.. But now am Ruling other Happiness Around me.. That's Peace...Hats of..."


Civil Engineer

" The Only thing which I loved the most was Alcohol... But at present the only thing which I have started to love is my Family... PEACE made me Reunited with them... Am Proud to say that am one among the Peace Family."

Shantha Kumar

Ex Military Personnel

Working under Indian Armed Forces... I was under the task in "Integrating the Indian Nation "...But Alcoholism ruined my Dignity and Privilege.. Now am through the 4 th Year of Recovering Life... PEACE has proved its Efficacy.. Feeling Flamboyant...



4 Years Of Complete Abstinence... Striving hard "Just For Today" is always going to be a Challenging Journey... PEACE  saved me at last... 


Kitchen Assistant

Lived a Nomadic Life.... Peace gave me a Meaningful Life.. There are no words to express my Gratitude... Will always Remember you all..


Kitchen Assistant

Living in Peace is like living " Under One Roof". No Discrimination. No Negativity. Reforming is the ultimate aim of Peace Rescue...Thanks Peace :-)


Finance Manager

Alcohol, Alcoholism, Addiction, these were the three Mantras according to me in my past.. but now Acceptance,Acknowledgement and Affection are my Mantras!!! Thanks to Peace Rescue Team....


Computer Engineer

Lost my Career... Lost my Family... Lost Everything... Peace regained everything... Thanks a lot...