Residential Rescue Programs Include:


Multi-Therapeutic Approach

By having access to a wide variety of therapy options, we can help you find the best fit. Options may include such therapies as psycho-educational, individual, group and more.

Individualized Treatment Planning

To treat addiction, we have to find the root of the addiction. With an individualized treatment plan, we work with you to unlock your history and find out the causes and effects behind your addiction. Once we’ve figured out where it’s coming from, we develop a treatment plan customized to fit you, treating causes and effects at the same time.

Family and Recovery Friends

You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be alone during your struggle with substance abuse. We believe that your community can be one of your biggest sources of strength. Families can become even more helpful through learning about drug addiction or alcoholism. We involve friends and family through the entire recovery process, and reunite you with them near the end of your treatment. That way, relationships that have been affected by addiction can be rebuilt.