Salient Features of PEACE RESCUE PALACE - (Our Campus, Legalization, Surroundings, and Hi- Popularity Facilities)

  • * Nearby Alagarkovil hills with cool draft
    * Nourishing liberated basil inhalation space
    * Inheritance of flames gratis wellbeing consign
    * Institution of Mental Health, Chennai, India accredited
    * An ISO 9001 – 2008 authorized
    * Hospice edifice endorsed
    * Microorganisms sterilized official recognized
    * In the nucleus medicinal scope with strenuous lab
    * New patient sharing out
    * Longing patient curative division
    * Psychiatry long-suffering zone
    * Elder distress province
    * Relapse enduring rasp extent
    * Submissive waning legroom
    * Long-lasting reside natives zone
    * Family unit coming up lawn
    * Therapeutic physician span
    * Relational counsel hub
    * Personality regulation neutralize
    * Assemblage analysis zone
    * Gathering division scope
    * Feast greedily corridor
    * Enclosed playoffs foyer
    * Exhilarating television during the entire precinct
    * Diet foodstuff moreover aromatic plant tea
    * 24 X7 single out alert nurture concern
    * Yoga as well as meditation
    * Monthly RS. 12750.00 INR since a slightest cost ($192 USD)
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421-427, Singapore Nagar, Kallampatti,
Alagarkoil, Madurai,
Tamilnadu, India,
Postal code: 625014

Tel: +91 979 009 3636
+91 994 023 9696



Thiruvengadam SarvananCEO/Founder
Thanks for visiting our website. As you can see, our facility offers many different modalities of addiction treatment. We are here to help provide the information necessary for you to find the help you need. PEACE Rescue Palace provides treatment in every aspect and phase of the recovery process, from with drawls patient to Residential Treatment, and Sober Living communities. Recovery is a process, and unfortunately there is no quick fix. We are here to help whether you are seeking information about addiction recovery for the first time, or someone chronically relapsing who just hasn’t been able to stay sober. Please make the call and allow us to help you in nether most expense of currency smooth-edged in $192 USD out of Rs.12, 750 INR designed for a month by In Hi- superiority conveniences. We are not supporting by any government funds, as well as private or through non for profit organizations we are spending our own income from the beginning to up to date for our entire growth.


Our Spacious Hospice Details


Elegant Front Office in 364 Sq. f,

Family members waiting lawn, Medical Physician consulting, Relational counsel hub, Character regulation Desk these all in 2500 Sq. f,

Family members waiting lawn
Medical Physician consulting
Character regulation Desk

Sessions zone, Dining hall, Entertaining hall, Yoga as well as meditation hall these all in 1638 Sq. f,

Kitchen area in 1180 Sq.f,
Sessions zone
Entertaining / Yoga / Meditation hall
Dining hall

New patient sharing out with 28 Cots in the space of 1638 Sq. f,

Detoxification remedial division in the space of 672 Sq. f, with 12 Cots

Psychiatry long-suffering zone in the space of 630 Sq. f, with 12 Cots

Elder persons wing in the space of 816 Sq. f, with 16 Cots

Relapse patient area in the space of 800 Sq. f, with 12 Cots

Compliant weakening legroom in the space of 440 Sq. f, with 12 Cots


  • Inside pharmacy in 210 Sq. f,

  • Special suit 1 in the space of 192 Sq. f, with 3 Cots

  • Special room in the space of 192 Sq. f, with 3 Cots

  • Residential female Staffs sharing in the space of 286 Sq. f,

  • Toilet area in the space of 700 Sq. f,

  • Car Parking Area in the space of 2600 Sq. f,

  • Total Campus around 13, 850 Sq. f,