A New Kind of Drug Rescue

  • In addition to group therapy, it is imperative that every client be given individualized care specific to his situation. This client-specific approach to care is part of what makes Just Consider different. Instead of the indiscriminate treatment plans that are sometimes employed, our approach treats the client as an individual. This allows us to personalize care to fit the needs of each person, allowing for more successful outcomes.Often, the symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction are treated without ever looking into what caused the problem in the first place. Our primary objective is to isolate the cause rather than to simply treat the symptoms. Every client experiences his problems in a unique way. PEACE staff members are expertly trained to locate the source of the addiction, and manage each problem as it comes. This one-on-one approach allows us not only to better understand the needs of each client, but also to use this understanding to decide on the best course of action.

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A Uniquely Positive Approach to Care

  • Group therapy is an established part of most drug Rescue programs, and for good reason. We believe, however, that individual counseling is just as important—perhaps even more so. Creating a personalized treatment plan is a vital part of the healing process. Care plans that focus on the needs of one client rather than a large group are essential for long-term progress. This private therapy promotes an open dialogue between the counselor and clients. It also gives patients time to address any questions or concerns they may have regarding their care.

    In addition to the obvious therapeutic benefits of our individualized approach, working closely with one individual at a time makes it possible for our counselors to identify any underlying difficulties a person may be coping with. Individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol dependency often struggle with supplementary emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. Early detection of additional problems can vastly increase the odds of successful treatment.

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