Our Drug Rescue Facility Provide Continuous Support for Sober Living

Treament Program Regaining your normal life in society can often seem like a discouraging task. It is a bad idea to leave Rescue and simply return to your prior way of living due to the risk of an unwanted relapse. Clients are advised to begin their life again in a controlled and supervised environment, such as a sober home. At PEACE, we are completely dedicated to assisting clients with their transition back to living sober so that they can be strong, functioning members of society.

Continuous support is provided through our facility to combat addiction starting with a superior who is onsite at all times to supervise the premises and ensure that clients are able to live in a sober and safe home. All clients who live in the residence must have an active role in an inpatient course that addresses important issues such as:

  • Education
  • Living independently
  • Future employment opportunities

Routine attendance at 12-step meetings is also required to live in the residence of PEACE. To help clients continue to stay sober, even in the supervised environment, drug tests are performed randomly. Assistance for all potential issues, including continuing education or finding a job, is available.

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