PEACE Rescue Palace Staff:

Treaments We employ full clinical staffs that are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to addiction and mental illness. Our staff will develop plans and tailor them to our client’s needs while maintaining emotional issues including: PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Our team is comprised of selected professionals from IMH, Department of Psychiatry Standard. Our staffs are highly versed and experienced in the fields of addiction, general medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, nutrition, culinary arts and eastern exercises. All staff is certified according to their scope of practice and is chosen for their passion to help others learn to live healthy lives.

Family & Recovering Friends


PEACE Rescue offers a FREE family and recovery friends program for all people struggling with addiction and those affected in any way by addiction.

Our De-Addiction department brings together compassionate and specialized expertise in understanding and treating severe mental disorders starting in adolescence up to old age. The mental health care team varies depending on the level and area of care required, but it can include psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, councelors, physicians, research staff and administration.

Staffing (Residential): Therapists to clients Treaments

Day / Evening Counselors to clients

Overnight Counselors to clients

Number of days per week when program is fully staffed

Professional staffing: 24 / 7

Licensing and Credentials of Staff:

PhD-level psychologists, social workers with Masters of Family Therapy degrees from accredited universities and Certified Addiction Treatment Counselors, All staff is licensed and/or certified and chosen for their individual history of excellence in their chosen profession.

If you or your loved one is in need of assistance, including drug detox, alcohol detox, drug rehab, and/or alcohol rehab, you can contact PEACE Madurai at 91-979-009-3636 to speak with a professional admissions coordinator.

Our admissions coordinators are very caring and knowledgeable and would love to take your call and answer your questions. We know it can be tough to pick up the phone and ask for help, but this could be the most important call you ever make for yourself or your loved one
  • A friendly, understanding voice on the other end of the phone.
  • A professional admission coordinator who has experience dealing with every type of addiction.
  • Free personal, private consultations and intake screening with our counselors.
  • Intervention services, which are available worldwide.
  • (Please inform your intake counselor if you require these services).
  • Call Us 91-979-009-3636 or Email peacesaravanan3@gmail.com

Our Clinical Professionals

PEACE Staff Ms. S. Mahalaksmi
Family Therapist

As a substance abuse counselor she is a support system for people with drug and alcohol problems, eating disorders and other behavioral issues. She counsel individuals how to modify their behavior with the intention of full recovery. Because clients are susceptible to relapses, Maha works with clients on an on-going basis. Other duties include: • Meeting with clients to evaluate their health and substance problem • Identifying issues and create goals and treatment plans • 

PEACE staff Mrs. Jeyamani
Clinical Psychoanalyst & Controller

Manages PEACE clinical programs and control the clinical staffs she was done a post-graduation in Social Work from University of MKU Tamilnadu, and specialized in Psychiatric counseling, also she was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has experienced in mental health, addiction and recovery. She has experienced in academic institutions, community mental health clinics and behavioral health organizations. She has specialization in working with trauma, identity issues and relational problems. She has authored several articles and has been asked to present at conferences nationally.

PEACE Staff Mr. Sankara narayanan.
Medical and Psychiatric counsellor

Conciliations assistance aimed at Psychiatric patients as well us addicts in discrete, families and groups who are dealing with substance abuse and health wellbeing. Specialized in anger controlling, downheartedness psychology, Anxiety disorder, and anti-suicidal, then personal counsel on behalf of delinquent resolving, facilitating clienteles towards conventional aims, strategy, besides achievement, expansion vision. He go through his post graduations in dualistic comportments one stood business administration specialism in finance & marketing besides additional remained in social work through distinction likewise partaking graduate diploma in counseling & psychotherapy.

PEACE staff Dr. M. Rajivnandha
Psychiatric Physician

Doctor Rajiv has been serving in our Institution for more than 8 Years, and his service is always Commendable and his Diagnostic attributes are found to be Overwhelming too. His Relentless Care in Uplifting Every Addict and Psychiatric Afflicted Patients is Appreciable.

PEACE Staff Dr. M. Muthuramalingam
Independently Affiliated Physician

Dr.Muthuramalingam , being a senior most Practitioner, responsible for assessing patient health condition and prescribing treatment. He carries out routine check-ups, promotes health and wellness, evaluating symptoms, reaching diagnosis, referring patients to specialists, providing treatment for injuries, and maintaining patient records. Resume samples in the field mention qualifications like clinical skills, bedside manners, confidentiality, excellent communication skills, recordkeeping, and computer literacy. 

PEACE staff Dr. Nammalwar
Clinical Psychologist

Dr.Nammalwar, during his M.Phil, renowned professor of psychology, Dr.A.Venkoba Rao, from Madurai Medical College came as guest lecturer and Nammalvar was simply mesmerized by his talk and inspired enough to work under him. In 1972, he joined him as a Junior Research Fellow for an ICMR project on case study of depressive illness.Working long hours, conducting research and working day and night with neurotics, people with writer's cramp and stammering problem, other obsessions and compulsive disorders, Nammalvar fast gained the reputation of only behaviour therapist in Southern Tamil Nadu in the late 70s. “It is amazing to know what is happening inside the brain and even more gratifying when you realize how much you can do by talking to them and offering right treatment. It feels good to actually see the difference,” he says.His Work at Peace has made him Differentiate the Patients with various Disorders inflicting the mind.

PEACE Staff Mrs. Saranya
Clinical Psychoanalyst Specialized in Therapeutic psychoanalysis & Addiction Psychology

Mrs.Saranya beholds a M.Phil in Psychology and a Post Research Scholar in the Arena of Psychiatric Illness. She withstands the Responsibilities like,

  • Making assessments and interpretations based on biopsychosocial evaluations, psychometric tests, semi-structured interviews, therapy sessions and neuropsychological assessments.
  • Collaborating with other healthcare providers to evaluate medical and physical condition of clients.
  • Formulating and creating personalized interventions, treatments and management plans for clients.
  • Assessing clients' risk, considering their mental health and social needs when performing interventions.
  • Interacting with clients and other parties regarding performing interventions.
  • Employing various treatment methods such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, behavior modification, stress reduction therapy and psychodrama.
  • Measuring effectiveness of interventions and implementing changes where required.
  • Ensuring the maintenance and safe storage of accurate program and client records, and all other pertinent documents.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of clients’ treatment and records in accordance with HIPAA. Participating in clinical training seminars and mentoring assistant psychologists, psychology students and interns on site.
  • Working towards positioning the agency as a pioneer in psychological interventions.
  • Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.
  • Registered with HCPC.
  • Experienced with specialist psychological assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health problems of varying severity and complexity.
  • Proficient with psychological therapies, risk assessment, training and supervision.
  • Proficient with planning and performing psychological interventions.
  • Current awareness of developments in relevant fields.
  • Ability to maintain and complete clinical documentation consistently.

PEACE staff Dr.P. Sivakumar
Psychiatric Physician

Dr.P.Sivakumar is a medical doctor ,an M.D. ,who specializes in mental health, including substance use disorders. He has been qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.People seek psychiatric help for many reasons. The problems can be sudden, such as a panic attack, frightening hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, or hearing "voices." Or they may be more long-term, such as feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiousness that never seem to lift or problems functioning, causing everyday life to feel distorted or out of control. He Serves with Everlasting Care and Affection.

PEACE Staff Dr.JeyanthNath
General Physician

A Young and Energetic Medical Practitioner ,Who has been Constituting himself in Providing Health Services to our Patients at Ease. He was Graduated From Russian Medical University as a General Practitioner and he works as a Full time Doctor with our Rescue Team.

PEACE staff Dr. Joseph Sanjay Manoj
General Practitioner

Dr.Joseph Sanjoy Manoj, has been working as a General Practitioner in Our Hospital with a Personality of an Immense Knowledge. He seems to be as a Workaholic and Updates about all Medical Affairs. He Prescribes and Follow-up's the patients with the clear perspective on that particular affairs.

PEACE Staff Mr.Kalyanaraman
Public Relations Officer

Kalyan has been in our Crew for the past 8 Years and he has been a great support in bringing up "PEACE" through his Outreach work. He has been an Addict for more than 18 years and being an MBA Graduate and employed as an Assistant Manager at a Private Bank. Unable to cope up with his Life, He stepped into Peace and now Full fledged as he manages the Out reach works. 

PEACE staff Mr.Thamaraimanalan
In-Patient Co-ordinator

Mr.Thamaraimanalan has been a Person of Exceptions of Exceptions. The best Administrator of all times in terms of  Peace's crew. He manages Accounts and also he Audits every aspects of Peace's affairs and more over he takes charge as an In- Patient Co-ordinator too. Definitely without any doubt one could term him as a "Multi Faceted" Personality.

PEACE Staff Dr.R.Jegadeesh Kumar
In-Patient Co-ordinator

Mr.R.Jegadeesh Kumar,

  • Assists patients with personal hygiene needs and tasks (e.g., giving baths, changing bedpans, feeding, etc.)Transports patients to appropriate areas throughout the hospital.Keeps detailed logs, documents, and reports of daily activities.Provides patients with food, beverages, and other forms of nourishment.Adheres to all hospital rules, regulations, and standards,Maintains a high degree of confidentiality regarding patient files and conditions.Provides direct assistance to the nursing department.Constantly expands professional knowledge and obtains appropriate licenses, certifications and degrees.

Our other staffs, Volunteers and Service Professionals

P. Thamaraimanalan
Care taker
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Mani J.
Care taker
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