A common misconception about recovery is that there’s a “one-size-fits-all” method. While some addicts may respond better to group therapy, others may find that one-on-one therapy works much better. At PEACE, we track the progress of all of our clients to help them learn how to win the fight against their addictive behaviors.

Multi-Therapeutic Unique Treatment Methods

  • At PEACE, we understand that every addict is different, so we offer a variety of different treatments to help each person who walks through our door. Every addict has a different story of how he became addicted. Some addicts may have suffered a traumatic experience that led to their excessive drinking or using. Others may have been predisposed to the disease before they picked up for their first time. No matter what the case may be, our goal is not only to help addicts get sober, but also to stay sober as well.

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Addiction Group Therapy

  • Treatment can be difficult because many addicts become selfish and self-seeking through drinking or using. This does not mean that they are bad people by any means. They’re simply sick people who now have the opportunity to get better. Through group therapy, recovering addicts are able to learn healthy ways to communicate with others through topic discussions and learning more about their disease. Recovering addicts will come to find that they are not alone in their journey to recovery. They also realize the importance of building a strong support group, which can help them after they leave treatment.


The Importance of Individual Therapy

  • One of the greatest mysteries that baffles friends and family members of an addict is how the person’s life changed so drastically. Many of the addicts who enter treatment were once kind, loving individuals, but when their using reached its peak, they went through a transformation that seems to defy logic. This can happen for a variety of different reasons. More often than not, people began using drugs or alcohol to change the way they felt or to mask feelings. Eventually, their mind and body became reliant on the substance as a coping mechanism. When patients go to group therapy, they’ll be in a safe environment where they can discuss where their addiction began and what triggers caused them to continue using. The first step toward recovery is choosing a quality drug Rescue center that understands what it takes to live a life of sobriety. We’ve worked with many addicts who were once in a seemingly hopeless position, but have gone on to live healthier, happier lives.