Recovering Addicts

Recovered Addicts

PEACE helps addicts recover faster with world class treatments

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Recovering Addicts

Includes Detox programs, In/Out patient and Residential rehabilitation

Personalized Addiction Treatment:

Welcome to PEACE where we deliver client-centered addiction treatment. Each individual who seeks out our drug Rescue center has different needs, and along with those needs, different addiction causes. Our job is to make sure all of those needs are handled with a personalized treatment plan that confronts the causes of addiction, which in return will lead individuals to a long-term recovery.

Personalized Addiction Treatment
Personalized Addiction Treatment


PEACE our assignment is to provide the highest level of personalized care and treatment to each client who enters our facility. All staff validates anxiety and compassion while working with clients in a direct, respectful and honest manner. We provide a therapeutic community, where a safe and serene environment creates an atmosphere conducive to recovery and change. We consistently convey the message we believe that recovery is possible for everyone!

PEACE understands that the recovery process does not happen overnight, it comes with time and a willingness to start a new way of life. Our alcohol and drug Rescue programs offer our clients a complete continuum of care; from the initial stage of detoxification to eventual return to living in the community with the necessary tools and structure which supports sobriety.

By having a variety of alcohol and drug Rescue programs, we have the ability to tailor our treatment to each individual. Our programs are designed to help identify addiction triggers, and work with each individual on developing effective coping skills. With customization in our programs, we’re able to help individuals develop their stepping stones toward recovery. Taking it one step at a time…

Personalized Addiction Treatment Personalized Addiction Treatment
Personalized Addiction Treatment
Thiruvengadam Saravanan - CEO/Founder.


Forefather too Paramount Exclusive Colonel for PEACE Rescue palace, His spirit stays to afford nontoxic, sober environs for those struggles on or after the sickness of addiction, which accentuates dedicated aftercare for long term success. Saran leads the Syndicate daily through his hands-on methodology besides enthusiasm to deliver a personalized repossession strategy for each of our patrons. He is an indorsed efficacious magnate in various diligences and has advanced successions of treatment cores in our public that emphasis on the exemplary of an inexpensive packed facility usage skill. Contributors of PEACE Rescue Palace can animate then convalesce thru the peacefulness of the Alarkoil hills and amazing Sunrise & Sunsets of Madurai while instantaneously stifling their addiction. Saran has been present highlighted as a rescue professional scheduled numerous transmissions comprising; Alive, Sun and Jaya as well as Hello FM 106.4. He has an appetite for increasing the communiqué of ceremonial leader of India Dr. ABJ Abdulkalam’s 20/20. Repossession and confidences to conversion is the technique India gives anti-drug abuse and nonalcoholic addicts within his lifespan commencing the era of 2009 over Patrons Trust.


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Addiction Medicine Services OF PEACE MENTAL HEALTH HOSPITAL is committed to providing comprehensive addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, prevention, education, and research programs that are patient-oriented, research-based, and recovery-focused. The dedicated staff and faculty seek to engage individuals and families through motivational, culturally competent, goal-focused treatment, in compassionate, caring environments at accessible community locations. Recovery is fostered and promoted through the establishment of a healing partnership that addresses the biological, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of addiction. We're offering a full range of services for almost any type of addictions with patients.

Our many levels of treatment, from inpatient hospital care to outpatient therapy, allow people to move from one level of support toanother depending upon their individual needs and rates of recovery.

Detoxification programs

Detoxification programs for adolescents and adults, both hospital-based and outpatient, help people who need medical management of withdrawal complications. Benefits:

  • 1. Removes the toxins from the digestive systems, bowels, lungs, blood vessels and nerves.
  • 2. Stimulates the flow of prana.
  • 3. Strengthens muscles, joints and helps in hormone secretion of all glands.
  • 4. Increases one’s awareness, one’s capacity to think, to digest, to feel and express.

Inpatient hospitalization

For patients with addictions and co-occurring psychiatric disorders provides close monitoring and intensive individual, group, and family therapies, in addition to pharmacotherapy.

  • High class infrastructure
  • Around the clock care.

Residential rehabilitation

When you have had complex, multiple or long term mental health conditions, it can be difficult to deal with everyday life. We help people achieve a stable state with residential rehab.

  • Focus on you and your recovery
  • Increase your independence
  • Help develop the skills you need to live more independently
  • Support you to be involved in the community as and when you wanted
  • Provide 24/7 support.
Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment

For adolescents and adults offers individual, group, and family therapy, along with medication management. Those in need of maintenance therapy can return as needed for medications and supportive therapy.

Prevention, training, and school-based education and intervention

Following discharge from the hospital, all patients are referred for ongoing care, usually to another program.